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Born Rosé If you add we give you a bottle of Born Rosé. Ask for it when picking up your order.
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Welcome to the Rosé Revolution!
Take a Born Rosé for free in your take away order over 35€ and be one of the first to try it.
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We introduce you to Boko
The best of Thai cuisine.
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Discover the April roll: Chicken, Parmesan and guacamole. Every month a new roll, discover them all.
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Fresh Food: Japanese cuisine freshly prepared using top-quality produce for takeaway or home delive
Our team of chefs prepares our entire sushi menu by following a precise gastronomic ritual.
Our products are prepared using healthy, local, fresh and seasonal produce to guarantee the very best quality.
We only work with suppliers that can guarantee traceability and catch-at-age data and don't have a negative impact on the seabed.